Welcome to Spero Consulting

This is our legacy site that we haven’t had time to update. We don’t do any consulting, but we still develop effective web sites with both substance and style. The text below provide links to our perspective, not services.

Our expertise is broad and deep: in finance and risk, including quantitative analysis; in strategy, and control issues like incentives; in MIS; in web development; and in public relations and communications.

We solve challenging problems and communicate clearly, are quantitative when needed and always empathetic, specializing in complicating factors like behavior and incentives in uncertain environments. Contact us to learn more.

Risk Modeling & Valuation

We identify and measure market and credit risk factors, their likelihoods, potential damages and possible hedges.

We build quantitative models and Monte Carlo simulations of financial and economic phenomena.

Not all uncertainty is measurable, so we recommend scenario analyses, stress testing, contingency planning, and training and put…

Thought before calculation™.

Management Consulting

We solve or mitigate challenging problems, especially those complicated by:

  • Imperfect information, like “imprecise” cost reports and/or
  • Mis-aligned incentives due to divergent interests.

We anticipate their effects on problems within departments and across functions, where internal conflicts-of-interest are most severe. Our goal:

No unintended consequences!

Web Development

We develop attractive, elegant, focused, and search-engine-optimized sites that are easy to navigate and to self-manage.

Now, any organization can realize the promise and the power of the web as both a marketing tool and business tool.

We sort through the confusion to develop “what everybody wants in a site.”

Grownup web design™.